Beach & Tiny House?

What better vacation than being close to the beach and staying in a tiny house? 

For me, NOTHING! 


beautiful beach sunset

I have loved tiny houses for about 10 years and the beach, well ever since going on our family vacation to Oregon in 2015, I've been in love with the beach.  

My AMAZING husband, knowing all of this planned the perfect little vacation for just the two of us!  


A little background... we've been married 16+ years.  The last time we had a vacation just the two of us that was longer than an overnight was our honeymoon.  So this trip was much over due.  

I mean look at the beach picture!  It was perfect!  Now, don't worry about the kids, they were in some of the best care while we were gone!  Four days of sleep overs plus getting to do your school with your friends is AMAZING!!! 


tiny house

Before we ever left for Florida a friend of mine, Stacy, said to me that as soon as I got to this tiny house all I would do was think about how I would be able to make this work for our family of 5.  Well, she was right!  I couldn't help it!  I also couldn't help but laugh at how much my friends know me.  HA!  

Now, the tiny intrigues me.  I really want to give the whole, tiny house living, a try.  Yes, even with children.  Yes, even with our homeschooling.  I'm just a little torn between if I'd like to live in a tiny house like this one or just get an RV and live in that.  Either way, minimizing down to just the basics and what we actually NEED sounds perfect.   Even just taking the space you have and having to maximize it.... why, it's a perfect challenge!  

Here's more....think about how big your home is, all the things you have in it.... Now, how long each week does it take for you to clean/take care of said stuff?  And of said stuff, how much of it do you actually use?  Is it a situation like when you have your kids clean out their toys and they said, "I play with that toy all the time" BUT in reality they haven't touched it in at least 6 months?   Is it just stuff that is there because you're emotionally connected to?  It's ok if it is, I have plenty of things that I just can't get rid of, even though I NEVER touch it, but it belonged to Grandma or someone special to me.   I admit, it would take me a little bit of time to fully go through our house and get down the basics, BUT I'd do it in a heart beat!  

We all have times in life where we go though and clean things up, get rid of things we don't need, and release things we're holding on to that we shouldn't be.  We spend time deciding what's important to us and why.  Sometimes we need a little step away from the mundane tasks of everyday life to put these things into perspective.  To take a minute and realize all the great things that are happening, even though there are so many other things happening as well.   It's another reason why this trip was so needed.   

just us

My husband knows all these things and I can't tell you just how blessed of a woman I am to have him by my side!  He knows my LOVE for the beach and for the dream of living in a tiny home and he did all he could to make my dream even a short reality!   

Blessed beyond measure, that I am! 



Out of the Cold

It's FREEZING outside!  Here in Minnesota we have had a lot of days in the negatives for temps.  In those temperatures you really can't play outside and yet the kids still really need to burn off a little energy.  

We decided today, that we would go get our Minnesota Zoo Membership and have a little get away to the Tropics!  When you can't just get on a plane and go, this was the next best thing! 

It's been more cold with gray skies vs warm and sunny so having a place like this to go to is so refreshing and can totally help when you start to feel a little down about the weather where you live.


We got to see Bats....just hangin' out...


Crocodiles a creepin'....




Gotta love the flamingos! 


There's so much more you get to see and experience when you're there, but this was just a little taste of it for you.   We love having fun and do things together as the Powers clan!

How did you make memories today? 



Best of 2017

Wow. That went fast! 2017 is almost in the books. Here's a visual recap of some of our favorite moments this past year.

True gamer...


Two generations of Powers diggin' the Cyclones!


The biggest Star Wars fans...


Daddy's girl!


Starting them off young...


Autumn is our favorite!


Ice sword War!!


"Blue 62.............OMAHA!!"


Apparently, if your feed your kids, they grow.....Who knew!


Let the Lego builds begin!


Papa's little girl...


Fort Snelling field trip!


"Now, balance....."


First dental appointment! She was a champ!


Bike ride for the whole family! Safety first!


Boy's Hockey night out!




Party time!


Our little pumpkin...Love's those oils! Ha!


Happy New Year to all!  

US Bank Stadium

Homeschool Field Trip


On October 25th we got to take a field trip with our homeschool co-op to the US Bank Stadium.  It was AMAZING and so much fun!  Enjoy some of our photos!  


This was so high up!  Coming down some of my kids were a little nervous. 


They have couches!! Check out these chairs in some of the suites! 


The Horn!


Down to the FIELD!


Minnesota Vikings Locker Room


To end we go outside


The kids absolutely LOVED this field trip!  For my child who's a Packers fan, he had so much fun going through the Vikings home!  

We had so many photos from this trip.  Check out the US Bank Stadium Art Work blog on a bunch of the phenominal art work we got to see as we went though!  

Kids and Tents

My kids love to make tents.  They will make it anywhere anytime.  This one I just wanted to remember forever.  All 3 of them worked so hard and were creative to figure it all out.  



I was actually pretty shocked at how much room they had in there! 



They made sure there was a little kitchen area where they could prepare food.  There was also air circulation so it didn't get to warm in any part of the tent. 



There was an area dedicated to the sleeping area.  They made sure that there was room for all 3 of them to have a space.  


As their smiles show, they were very proud!  

Barn Wood Doors

Our Home

 When originally built our home was a 3 bedroom rambler.  At some point a past owner changed one of the bedrooms.  They changed the entry doorway to this room and turned it into a makes-shift dinning room. When we moved in we just left it as it was and had our dinning room in there.  This meant that our children just shared a bedroom; however, it had gotten to a point this year that we really needed to make it a boys room and a girls room so we decided to put the home back more like it was originally built.  

We decided that our master bedroom should be in what was being used as a dinning room.  Trying to make the adjustment without a lot of changes to the house, we decided to go with a bed from Ikea.  We've really been happy with it!  We were at a point though that we had a new bedroom, but no doors for it.  



We used instructions we found from Pinterest.  Check it out here.   They did a fantastic job of explaining it all!  Derek began by taking measurements to make sure that what he had vs the instructions and made just a couple adjustments.  

The next step was heading to Home Depot for the wood.  It was a great experience as they cut it all for us.  We got the pieces home and Derek started putting things together.  


When he started this process he was working on it alone.  But I couldn't resist getting in there and helping out.  I mean I just always want to spend time with this man!  

This project took longer than we expected, but life happened and that's ok.  We got them completed and they are amazing!!!  

Here are is the one to the back of the house. (this room has two entry points) 


These are the two door at the main entrance to the room.  



Now we just need to finish deciding on door knobs or handles and then we will have them totally complete, but for now they are functional.  I love these doors!  Now to look into the next thing on the check list.