About Us

Committed to family life is what the Powers are all about. 

We are a crew convinced we have a purpose greater than simply living a consumer focused lifestyle driven by the gaining of what the world sees as valuable. In serving others with our skills, talents and resources, we have found our true satisfaction in life.  The relationships we’ve developed over the years through our walk in the pursuit of unity and depth, has blessed us beyond measure. 


Our Beginning

What began as a love story almost 18 years ago, has evolved into a marriage and family that Derek and Heidi couldn’t have ever foreseen. Blessed with three amazing children; Thadd, 12, Brooks, 6 and Sylvia, 3, the Powers truly feel that God has touched us personally with his hand of mercy and grace. 

Our Purpose

We humbly submit this site, as an opportunity to share what only we can. You won’t see doctored photos to impress or beautiful video of some far off place that we “claim” to have visited.  This is us. We will, of course, share our hopes and dreams. But not for the sake of an impression of a life not ours. We always want you to be able to take something away that could better your day or encourage you somehow. 

Knowing that the distractions of this world are constantly calling and taking us away from what we know is the greatest life possible.

We hope you see our hearts in this endeavor we call this Powers Passionate Life.

Our only goal is to be fulfilled by what we know is true in this life.

How fulfilling that life is for you, is entirely in your hands.

Derek & Heidi