Essential Oils

Have you heard all the talk about Essential Oils and want to know more?  We were there too!
Beginning in 2009, we had heard about oils and had used a few for random things like making cleaners or helping with stinky shoes. But in all honesty, we didn’t understand how many practical uses these oils had in our daily lives and how potency and purity of said oils would play a vital role.

Our dōTERRA journey started 4 years ago when one of our children was going through a strange health issue that involved stomach discomfort.  We had been to doctor after doctor who really couldn’t help us, as all their tests were coming back negative.  We were asked by a friend to give dōTERRA Essential Oils a try.  We started to do some research on dōTERRA as a company and were blown away by what we began to learn about how these oils are not only utilized for people like us, but how dōTERRA is looking to invest in the places that grow and harvest these amazing oils in a sustainable fashion. 

Some things we learned were:

  • dōTERRA’s Higher Standard of stringent third-party testing.  They make sure they are both Pure and Safe!  Free of Fillers, Pesticides, and Foreign Contaminants.
  •  Harvesting plants where they are in their natural habitat and at the perfect time for maximum therapeutic benefits.
  • Co-Impact Sourcing:  Really getting into and becoming a part of the local communities and providing jobs, education, and practical needs! 

Derek and I talked and decided to give it a try to help our little man. Our first oils were DigestZen® and Lavender to which we used on our sons stomach and feet; diluting as recommended.  We also invested in the dōTERRA On Guard® Cleaner Concentrate and were highly encouraged to mix as directed to clean everything in our home.  Upon doing exactly that, we were blown away!!  We didn’t have another round like we had been experiencing the previous 3 months with our son.  It was AMAZING!!! 
This was the start of a great journey that continues to this day!  We began using them consistently and as research made its way to us, we found ourselves saying, “Oh, I can use an oil for that!”
We love sharing all the supportive, practical and affordable ways dōTERRA Essential Oils have changed our family’s lives for the better. 
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