Out of the Cold

It's FREEZING outside!  Here in Minnesota we have had a lot of days in the negatives for temps.  In those temperatures you really can't play outside and yet the kids still really need to burn off a little energy.  

We decided today, that we would go get our Minnesota Zoo Membership and have a little get away to the Tropics!  When you can't just get on a plane and go, this was the next best thing! 

It's been more cold with gray skies vs warm and sunny so having a place like this to go to is so refreshing and can totally help when you start to feel a little down about the weather where you live.


We got to see Bats....just hangin' out...


Crocodiles a creepin'....




Gotta love the flamingos! 


There's so much more you get to see and experience when you're there, but this was just a little taste of it for you.   We love having fun and do things together as the Powers clan!

How did you make memories today?