Barn Wood Doors

Our Home

 When originally built our home was a 3 bedroom rambler.  At some point a past owner changed one of the bedrooms.  They changed the entry doorway to this room and turned it into a makes-shift dinning room. When we moved in we just left it as it was and had our dinning room in there.  This meant that our children just shared a bedroom; however, it had gotten to a point this year that we really needed to make it a boys room and a girls room so we decided to put the home back more like it was originally built.  

We decided that our master bedroom should be in what was being used as a dinning room.  Trying to make the adjustment without a lot of changes to the house, we decided to go with a bed from Ikea.  We've really been happy with it!  We were at a point though that we had a new bedroom, but no doors for it.  



We used instructions we found from Pinterest.  Check it out here.   They did a fantastic job of explaining it all!  Derek began by taking measurements to make sure that what he had vs the instructions and made just a couple adjustments.  

The next step was heading to Home Depot for the wood.  It was a great experience as they cut it all for us.  We got the pieces home and Derek started putting things together.  


When he started this process he was working on it alone.  But I couldn't resist getting in there and helping out.  I mean I just always want to spend time with this man!  

This project took longer than we expected, but life happened and that's ok.  We got them completed and they are amazing!!!  

Here are is the one to the back of the house. (this room has two entry points) 


These are the two door at the main entrance to the room.  



Now we just need to finish deciding on door knobs or handles and then we will have them totally complete, but for now they are functional.  I love these doors!  Now to look into the next thing on the check list.